Epe Impact Program

Epe Spells (Spelling Bee)

About epe spells

The Spelling Bee (Epe Spells!) aims to encourage students to appreciate words, their meanings, usage, and how they are spelt or pronounced. At the end of the competition, 1 winner and 2 runners-up will be awarded.

EPE Impact Program - Spelling Bee


All Junior Secondary Schools in the 3 LCDAs in the Epe community including both Private and Public secondary schools are eligible to participate in this Spelling Bee.

Interested schools are to register their intent online through the registration link.

Participating schools are to provide a team of two (2) students and a teacher-mentor.


Application Process

Preparatory Stage - Virtual Presentation
Each participating student is to study the practice list of words available on the website or from the registration form. This round will not count as a competition round but will give each participant the opportunity to review the procedure, understand the flow of the contest, and relax a little.
There are no eliminations in the practice round. Download practice words here.
Elimination Round 1 - Virtual Presentation
The practice round would be followed by round 1 of the elimination rounds. Each participating student is to study words from letters E-I from the Oxford Dictionary (2019 Edition). This stage will take place via a video conferencing platform
Elimination Round 2 - Live Event: November 3rd, 2021
Each participating student is to study words from the recommended movie as well as from letters M-V from the Oxford Dictionary (2019 Edition). The Grand finale is a Live event and will take place in a location that will be communicated to the general public.
Words collated from the recommendations provided in the previous rounds will be used for the final stage on a broader and difficult level. The Grand finale is a Live event and will take place in a location that will be communicated via email and on our social media platforms.


Winner - N50,000 + 10 books

First runner up - N30,000 + 6 books

Second runner up - N20,000 + 4 books

The 5 other participants who made it to the finals will get 2 books each.


Goals to be achieved


Boost Intelligence

The Epe Spelling Bee is designed to boost the level of intelligence of students through the understanding of words.



To foster camaraderie, love, and care among participants.


Foster Reading Culture

The objective is to foster reading amongst students and boost their confidence, to articulate words correctly and speak confidently wherever they find themselves.


Develop Love for Reading

To ignite their love for reading, studying, and learning the benefits they stand to gain if they do.